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News Module World Association of Personality Psychology

News Module

The WAPP-site is being provided with a News Module, enabling an efficient transfer of communication concerning the Association and its business. Persons in charge of the news module are Sumaya Laher and Deon Meiring from South Africa, and Fabia Morales-Vives from Spain, in cooperation with the Executive Committee of the WAPP.

Besides single items of interest that can be put through the News Module whenever it deems relevant, a Newsletter shall be issued on a regular basis containing fixed items such as the Journal , the World conferences, and the Association, and other items of a varying sort.
If you wish to share information that is relevant for the members of the WAPP and to others who are working in the field of personality, intelligence, and individual differences, please email to any of the addresses below.

  • Sumaya.Laher@wits.ac.za
  • Fabia.morales@urv.cat
  • Deon.Meiring@up.ac.za

Alternatively: use the contact box

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