Welcome to the World Association for Personality Psychology (WAPP)

The WAPP is the association for those interested in or working in the areas of personality, individuality, intelligence, and individual differences in a broad sense, including studies with a cultural or cross-cultural content.


The goal of the WAPP is the advancement and development of empirical and theoretical personality psychology worldwide, fostering the exchange of information between persons and between regionally operating organizations in the same field anywhere in the world, and furthering cooperation and linkage between the association and other organizations with similar goals. The WAPP organizes scientific meetings, especially that of recurring world conferences on personality psychology, and a scientific journal is being published under the auspices of the association.

Second World Conference on Personality in 2016

Abstract submission reaches closing date on october 15, 2015!!

The WAPP-journal, the IJPP is live; members of the WAPP can freely submit papers.


Second World conference on Personality in 2016

Banner 2nd World Conference on Personality
Banner 2nd World Conference on Personality

Share your ideas on personality, individual differences, and intelligence through discussion, informal encounters, taking position, constructive skepticism, and through plain critique. 

For further details, see www.perpsy2016.com

World conference on Personality in 2013

The abstract book can be downloaded as PDF from our website now.