Cognition & Emotion is devoted to the study of emotion, especially to those aspects of emotion related to cognitive processes. The journal aims to bring together work on emotion undertaken by researchers in cognitive, social, clinical, and developmental psychology, neuropsychology, and cognitive science.

Creativity Research Journal publishes high quality, scholarly research capturing the full range of approaches to the study of creativity--behavioral, clinical, cognitive, cross-cultural, developmental, educational, genetic, organizational, psychoanalytic, psychometric, and social.

Emotion publishes significant contributions to the study of emotion from a wide range of theoretical traditions and research domains. The journal includes articles that advance knowledge and theory about all aspects of emotional processes, including reports of substantial empirical studies, scholarly reviews, and major theoretical articles.

Emotion Review aims to publish theoretical, conceptual and review papers (often with commentaries) to enhance scientific understanding of emotion theory and research. It accepts papers from a wide disciplinary spectrum - wherever emotion research is active.

European Journal of Personality promotes the development of empirical and theoretical personality psychology within Europe and elsewhere, by reporting and reviewing original research, theoretical issues, methodological advances and current experience.

Frontiers in Personality Science and Individual Differences is devoted to the description, assessment, explanation and application of individuality in cognition, mental representations including self-concept, emotion, motivation and behavior in humans and animals.

Gifted Child Quarterly publishes original research and new and creative insights about giftedness and talent development in the context of the school, the home, and the wider society.

Imagination, Cognition, and Personality explores uncharted scientific territory and creative research-based clinical interventions. Articles examine the stream of consciousness and the flow of human experience in relationship to human development and behavior, imagery and creativity, fantasy and imagination, brain structure and function, aesthetics and the humanities, and social and cultural influences.

Individual Differences Research publishes articles on all topics relevant to understanding the psychology of the individual including traits & personality (both normal & abnormal), social behavior, affect, interests & values, cognition & intelligence, attention, motivation, development, learning & change, stress & health, and perception … among others.

Intelligence: A Multidisciplinary Journal is devoted to publishing original research and theoretical studies and review papers that substantially contribute to the understanding of intelligence. It provides a new source of significant papers in psychometrics, tests and measurement, and all other empirical and theoretical studies in intelligence and mental retardation.

Journal of Creative Behavior is devoted specifically to work that advances our understanding of the phenomenon of creativity in the broadest sense.

Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders offers interdisciplinary research, practice, and commentary related to individuals with emotional and behavioral disabilities. Each issue explores critical and diverse topics such as youth violence, functional assessment, school-wide discipline, mental health services, positive behavior supports, and educational strategies.

Journal of Individual Differences publishes manuscripts dealing with individual differences in behavior, emotion, cognition, and their developmental aspects. This includes human as well as animal research.

Journal of Individual Psychology serves to provide a forum for the finest dialogue pertaining to Adlerian practices, principles, and theoretical development. Articles relate to theoretical and research issues as well as concerns of practice and application of Adlerian psychological methods.

Journal of Intellectual Disabilities provides a medium for the exchange of best practice, knowledge and research between academic and professional disciplines from education, social and health settings to bring about advancement of services for people with intellectual and learning disabilities.

Journal of Intellectual Disability Research is devoted to the scientific study of intellectual disability. The subject matter is broad and includes findings from biological, educational, genetic, medical, psychiatric, psychological and sociological studies.

Journal of Intelligence publishes original empirical and theoretical articles, state-of-the-art articles and critical reviews, case studies, original short notes,  commentaries, and letters. It aims to move forward the study of the basis and development of intelligence, its nature in terms of structure and processes, and its correlates and consequences, also including the measurement and modeling of intelligence.

Journal of Personality focuses particularly on personality and behavior dynamics, personality development, and individual differences in the cognitive, affective, and interpersonal domains. The journal reflects and stimulates interest in the growth of new theoretical and methodological approaches in personality psychology.

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology publishes original papers in all areas of personality and social psychology and emphasizes empirical reports, but may include specialized theoretical, methodological, and review papers.

Journal of Personality Assessment seeks to publish papers on the methods and processes related to the psychological assessment of personality, both normative and pathological. While test and measurement development manuscripts will be considered for publication, the journal is most interested in papers that advance the clinical utility and ecological validity of personality assessment in clinical and nonclinical populations.

Journal of Personality Disorders is devoted exclusively to the diagnosis and treatment of clinically significant personality disorders. The journal fosters dialogue among researchers and practitioners working from a variety of orientations and approaches.

Journal of Research in Character Education serves an audience of researchers, policymakers, teacher educators, and school practitioners concerned with the development of character education as efforts to help young people develop good character, which includes knowing about, caring about, and acting on core ethical values such as fairness, honesty, compassion, responsibility, and respect for self and others. 

Journal of Research in Personality emphasizes experimental and descriptive research and presents articles that examine important issues in the field of personality and in related fields basic to the understanding of personality.

Learning and Individual Differences is devoted to publishing articles that make a substantial contribution to an understanding of individual differences within an educational context. It publishes standard papers, technical reports, essay reviews, and forum papers.

Personality and Individual Differences is devoted to the publication of articles (experimental, theoretical, review) which aim to integrate the major factors of personality with empirical paradigms from experimental, physiological, animal, clinical, educational, criminological or industrial psychology or to seek an explanation for the causes and major determinants of individual differences in concepts derived from these disciplines.

Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin offers an international forum for the rapid dissemination of original empirical papers in all areas of personality and social psychology.

Personality and Social Psychology Review is the premiere outlet for original theoretical papers and conceptual review articles in all areas of personality and social psychology.

Personality Disorders: Theory, Research, and Treatment publishes a wide range of cutting edge research on personality disorders and related psychopathology from a categorical and/or dimensional perspective including laboratory and treatment outcome studies, as well as integrative conceptual manuscripts and practice reviews that bridge science and practice.

Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts publishes original empirical research and papers that synthesize and evaluate extant research that relate to the psychology of aesthetics, creativity, and the arts.

Social Behavior and Personality: an international journal publishes papers on all aspects of social, personality, and developmental psychology.

Social Psychological and Personality Science publishes cutting-edge, peer-reviewed, short reports of single studies, or very succinct reports of multiple studies, and is geared toward a speedy review and publication process.

The International Journal of Emotional Intelligence aims to include articles to increase exposure for excellent applied and research programs presented at our annual conference.  Articles not presented at the annual conference may be submitted for consideration and inclusion.

The Japanese Journal of Personality is the journal of the Japan Society of Personality. Almost all articles are in Japanese with English abstract.