During the combined conference in Evanston in 2009 of the Association for Research in Personality and the International Society for the Study of Individual Differences, it was proposed to organize a world-conference on personality. That proposal was made as a practical answer to an ongoing discussion since years about observed overlap between the various existing associations in the field of personality, especially those in Western Europe and the USA. That proposal was enthusiastically received, and soon after that conference steps were taken to organize the first world-conference on personality. In organizing the conference care was taken to involve associations on personality from other continents as well, in order to have a real world-conference. The conference with that focus actually took place in March 2013 in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

That conference was a great success, marking a proportionate representation of researchers from the many regions of the world, including South America, Africa, and Asian countries. During the inceptive process towards the conference it was suggested to arrive at an association in order to have a larger and world-representative constituency be responsible for the activities involved.

The decision to that effect was taken during the closing session of the Stellenbosch conference on March 23, 2013, where all the attendants could register as founding members, and where the first Executive Committee was elected. During this closing session it was also decided to have a journal related to the association.

Founding Members in alphabetical order:

Aldahoud, A.
Aldhafri, S.
Aljobeer, S.M.
Alvarenga, M.A.
Backstrom. M.
Balgiu, B.
Barelds, D.
Bartosova, K.
Baumann, N.
Biesanz, J.
Blatny, M.
Boekholt, F.
Cernak, M.
Chikamba, A.
Constantinou, M.
Costa, F.
Cubela Adoric, V.
Daouk-Oyry, L.
De Raad, B.
De Vries, R.
Del Pilar, G.E.H.

Dembinska, E.
Dijkstra, P.
Dowayraat, S.A.
Dowdeswell, K.
Du Plooy, B.
Engelbrecht, C.
Fantini, C.
Fratzke, B.J.
Gaspar de Matos, M.
Goldberg, L.
Gow, A.
Hagger-Johnson, G.
Halim, M.S.
Hill, C.
Howe, S.
Hruba, V.
Hutz, C.,
John, O.
Kreitler, S.
Kretchy, I.
Kukanova, M.

Laher, S.
Leontiev, D.
Link, P.
Long, G.
Lotter, M.
Mahembe, B.
Mansy, M.A.H.
Mashegoane, S.
Mastor, K.A.
Meiring, D.
Millova, K.
Mlacic, B.
Mroczek, D.
Mutisya, J.
Nizovskikh, N.
Ong, M.
Osborne, R.
Ostendorf, F.
Pederzani, A.
Rauthmann, J.
Revelle, W.

Rich, H.
Richter, J.
Salmela-Aro, K.
Schriber, R.
Schweiger, D.
Shikongo, A.E.E.
Shiner, R.
Slipogor, V.
Taylor, N.
Thunsdorff, C.
Tonkinson, F.
Treiber, l.
Trivedi, B.S.
Valchev, V.
Van de Vijver, F.
Van der Merwe, G.
Vazquez, A.
Vorster, P.
Wilde. H.
Zeinoun, P.
Zettler, I.