World Conference on Personality in 2013

Keynote speakers

Oliver John: The Big Five paradigm shift: History, development, and applications

Lewis R. Goldberg: The next big challenge for lexical personality research

Rex E. Jung: The importance of personality variables in the manifestation of creativity: Neuroimaging findings

Fons J.R. van de Vijver: Personality and culture: Recent advances

Deniz S. Ones: Utility of personality variables in work settings

Robert F. Krueger: Personality and personality disorders in DSM-5

Randy J. Larsen: Personality and affect regulation

Conference 2013 abstract book cover
Conference 2013 abstract book cover

Invited symposia

  • Dissemination of personality psychology (convener: Pieternel Dijkstra)
  • Biological aspects of personality (convener: Colin DeYoung)
  • Development aspects of personality (convener: Mathias Allemand)
  • Social psychological aspects of personality (conveners: Simine Vazire & Sanjay Srivastava)
  • Personality and health psychology (convener: Gareth Hagger-Johnson)
  • Personality disorders (convener: Jennifer Tackett)
  • Cross-cultural aspects of personality (convener: Deon Meiring)
  • Personality and porality (convener: Jan Pieter van Oudenhoven)
  • Intelligence (convener: Aljoscha Neubauer)
  • Personality structure (conveners: Dick Barelds & Fritz Ostendorf)
  • Personality and situations (conveners: John Rauthmann & Boele De Raad)

Stellenbosch impressions