World Conference on Personality in 2024

Keynote speakers

Camilla Persson Benbow: The unfolding of talent from age 12 to 50: Creativity, productivity, and lifestyle of intellectually precocious youth chronicled over four decades

Christopher J. Soto: How is a trait (not) like a skill? Similarities and differences in structure, assessment, development, and outcomes

Ariel Malka: Understanding relationships between personality and political preferences: The central role of identity processes operating in political information environments

Roberto Colom: The relevance of the interplay between psychometrics and neuroscience for the analyses of individual differences in intelligence and cognitive abilities

Gerard Saucier: A new frontier: Fine-grained personality factors across cultures

WAPP 2024 - Book of Abstracts WCP4 - Cover
WAPP 2024 - Book of Abstracts WCP4 - Cover

Invited symposia

  • Efforts toward a more robust personality neuroscience (conveners: Colin DeYoung, Jan Wacker, & Luke D. Smillie)
  • Contemporary perspectives on personality pathology: Socio-affective dynamics, narrative identity, and developmental mechanisms (convener: Barbara De Clercq)
  • Personality structure (convener: Boris Mlačić)
  • Drivers of personality development: The role of intentional change, life events, and epigenetic change (conveners: Christian Kandler, Karla Fliedner, Jenny Wagner, & Jana Instinske)