Conference 2019

Keynote Speakers

Fanny M. Cheung: Cultural factors and cultural assessment of psychopathology

Mitja Back: Narcissism: On the past, present, and future of an enigmatic personality construct

Wendy Johnson: What we need to know about intelligence but don't

Arthur Poropat: Personality and learning

Neil McNaughton: Personality neuroscience: should we start with biology and look for neural-level factors?

Filip De Fruyt: Developments in personality development

Abstract book

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front abstract book 2019.png, Bild:

Invited Symposia

  • Personality structure (convener Boris Mlacic)
  • Personality and intelligence: United they stand (convener Matthias Ziegler) 
  • Personality and genetics: New developments (convener Denis Bratko)
  • Values and traits (convener Ronald Fischer)
  • Personality neuroscience: New approaches, new challenges (conveners Colin DeYoung & Luke Smillie)
  • Dark Triad traits and effects on entrepreneurial intentions, abusive supervision, follower trust, meat consumption and CWB (convener Barbara Wisse)
  • Personality and situations (convener John Rauthmann)
  • Cross-cultural themes in work-related personality assessment (convener Marise Born)
  • Within-person variability in personality, emotion, and well-being (conveners Emily Willroth & Oliver John)
  • Personality and social media use (convener Sam Gosling)
  • Personality and culture (convener Velichko Fetvadjiev)
  • The politics of personality: Examining the political implications (conveners Chris Sibley & Danny Osborne)
  • Personality and education: The Big Five are going to school (conveners Ricardo Primi & Oliver John)
  • Understanding personality dynamics and change at the trait, affective, and cognitive levels (conveners Patrick Hill & Joshua Jackson)